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Benefits of joining

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The Benefits of Joining the HERA Primary Academy Trust


Leadership: Leaders and teachers at HERA Trust schools strive to raise standards by combining their knowledge, creativity and individual skills. This collaboration supports all member schools in their on-going drive for improvement.

Management: HERA trustees and governors are able to draw on each other’s experience and skill set to formulate effective strategic approaches.

Staffing: Staff have opportunities to work across multiple sites and collaborate with a wider range of colleagues as our schools are a reasonable distance from each other. This also alleviates pressures related to recruitment, offers more varied opportunities to staff , greater scope for career development and ensures sustainability of staff at all levels.

Specialist Services: Through combined funding, specialist knowledge can be acquired to meet a varied range of needs including academic, extra-curricular and operational functions.

Professional Development: This is regularly organised across our schools, thus spreading the cost per school, ensuring consistency of provision  and upskilling as many members of staff as possible per session.

Economies of Scale: The HERA Trust is able to purchase as a whole, thereby achieving economies of scale not achievable by schools as individuals. With ever tightening budgets, this ensures we are able to build upon the resources and standards we aspire to in order to maintain the best provision for our children.

Accountability: The Trust represents and raises the profile of all member schools and recognises its responsibility to ensure high expectations and equality of provision for all children within the Trust.




According to MATs questioned by the Department for Education (DfE): 


  • Being in a MAT increases the scope for having centralised functions and collective procurement, particularly as scale increases, which helps reduce costs
  • There is scope to generate additional income from commercial activities across the MAT
  • Having centralised financial systems enables the trust to have effective oversight and control of finances, and helps promote a "value for money culture"
  • Trusts can vary the proportion of funding they retain to reflect the different circumstances of individual schools (it adds that if doing so, trusts should be transparent about what proportion they are retaining, how it is determined and what functions it enables the trust to provide)


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Registered Office Address

HERA Primary Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee and registered in England & Wales with company number 10571943.
The registered office is at Lawford Mead Primary & Nursery School, Trent Road, Chelmsford, Essex. CM1 2JH 01245 354134